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After she cleaned up breakfast, she said she was going for a dip in the lake and would be back in a little bit. It was Sunday so I caught a glimpse of the game scores on TV. My cock started tingling when I looked out the kitchen window and watched my little girl strut to the lake in her sexy white bikini. I loved the way she looked with her honey tan skin. Taboo things were rushing through my mind about my hot sexy girl.

I jumped in the shower and started to stroke my cock, imagining her. Our showers are mostly stalls, dog sex and she insisted when she moved in, on clear shower curtains. I was really into my stroking session and didn't hear the door open.

I was moaning "oh yes my lovely little girl suck daddy's cock." "That's a good baby," "want me to cum in your mouth?"

I was really into it imagining beastiality sex what she looked like out of her clothes. I came thinking it was on her pert tits. Coming back to reality I finished my shower

That night at dinner we talked about her birthday party at our lake house. She kept going on about what a great time her and her friends had here. She was bragging about how good she was skiing and how much fun she was having with her friends. beastiality sex

She said "I'm glad Jennie showed up she is pretty cool."

As we finished our sex with dogs dinner she began to cleaning up, still wearing her bikini bottoms and a white button down shirt. I couldn't help but watching her wash I the dishes, her tight ass slightly shaking back and fourth. I was confused about what I had been thinking lately with all the sexual thoughts about my own daughter but I just couldn't help my self

She asked me if I had a good shower? "Sure baby" wondering why she would ask me this right now. She said I think we should celebrate with a little private drink. I put in her favorite movie Cruel Intentions. You know the one where the sister wants the brother. I thought a bit, is this a hint? She downed her drink and innocently asked for another. The part of the movie came on where the sister was rubbing against the brother and my daughter, a little intoxicated started to move slowly in her seat. I pretended not to notice, then she asked me what a hard cock feels like. Stunned by her question, I gasped. Thinking to myself I have one right now wanna feel? I just said the right man would show you. Wanting it to be me. As I made a joke we laughed a bit and she moved closer to me. We both had several drinks by then and we were a bit buzzed. She said man it is hot and started unbuttoning her shirt, showing me her cleavage. My cock rose a bit watching her skin glisten.

My sexy daughter jumped ups and says "this is still my birthday weekend, lets have a private party, just you and beastiality videos me.

I agreed, feeling pretty good from the drinks so far. She walks over to the stereo and puts on a romantic CD that I compiled on the computer and shuts off the TV. As I am making another round of drinks for us she dances over to me seductively, puts her arms around me and starts moving her body. I couldn't resist a dance with her. She was rubbing and gyrating around me, not like the innocent girl I had raised. beastiality videos

As we danced our rhythms became more intense and our breathing became harder and harder. I must have gotten into the moment or something but as we were dancing I suddenly kissed her, deeply and passionately. As I finally realized I was kissing my own daughter, I pulled away feeling somewhat embarrassed at what I had done.

With a dog fucking red face I apologized a few times. Before I could say any more she wrapped her arms around me tightly and gave me the most romantic and exciting kiss I have ever felt. Her lips were so soft and moist. Her hands were running through my hair. That kiss seemed to have lasted 10 minutes. When we finally separated, she looked at me with a frightened look on her face. I'm sure that I looked the same way to her.

At this time she says "this is what I want daddy I love you."

I couldn't believe what I was bestiality forum hearing; my heart was racing out of my chest. I wanted this very bad, but how could we do it, I wouldn't want to hurt her in any way

As I started getting use to the idea she unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way down, exposing her firm round tits. I knew in my mind it was bad idea but I couldn't help myself. I was getting a raging hard on that was now pushing hard against the inside of my pants. bestiality forum

She made me another drink telling me she had herd Jennifer and I in my room on several different occasions and often wanted to join us but instead satisfied herself while listening to my moans and groans, thinking daddy was the one making her tiny, tight little pussy all wet. She handed me the drink and took her top off. She looked amazing, wearing nothing but her hot little bikini bottom. I reached up caressing her smooth firm breasts and she moaned that feels good daddy can I feel you? I hesitated but unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock, she was amazed by my size.

She put it in her hand saying "daddy dogsex will it fit?" I reassured her I would be gentle.

We kissed and touched each other until I couldn't take it any more; I knelt down and removed her bottoms, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. I could tell she was horny, her pussy lips were very moist and smelled so sweet. I picked her up and laid her gently on the edge of the pool table. I knelt down and began to lick and suck her hot wet pussy. She was moaning and screaming as my tongue probed her delicate insides and kissed her soft yet hard clit. The more I licked the louder she got and then all of a sudden her body clinched up and she screamed in cumming! I continued to lick her until my face was dripping with her sweet tasting juices. Still quivering she hands me a towel that was conveniently sitting on the pool table.

Before I could wipe my face completely she reaches in and begins to kiss and horse sex pictures lick all of her cum from my face. This was incredible and I was feeling so horny I needed her now. So I put my raging hard cock in her tight little pussy it felt incredible, so wet and silky.

She was moaning "ohh yeah daddy that feels so good." horse sex pictures

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I slowly got deeper and deeper with each thrust. I wanted to cum so bad but I didn't want this moment to end. She let out another loud scream. As I felt her pussy gets tighter and get wetter. She was thrusting herself on my cock so hard that I was ready to explode. When she came a third time, it was more than I could take, as I felt my cock swelling in her tight little pussy I came with hard blasts that felt fantastic. I pulled her back up on the edge of the table and hugged her so tightly and affectionately. It's a moment I will never forget.

As we were there hugging she says "daddy I love you very much, that was the best thing dog fuckers I have ever felt." Coyly she asks "daddy can we do it again?

When I woke up I see a pair of bikini bottoms on her side of the bed. I smell biscuits, gravy and coffee. Was this really a dream?

Kate and I had been dating for two years and engaged for the last ten months. With just under three sucking horse penis weeks left until the wedding I, like most twenty-four year old prospective grooms, was nervous. Although Kate and I had been sexually active since about two weeks after we met we had resisted the temptation to live together. I was in love with the idea of having Kate for my wife but the idea of living together made me a little nervous. It was the adjustments we would have to make that worried me

Kate shared a two bedroom apartment in a section of Los Angeles called Korea Town with Tracy; a girl she had gone to school with. I had a large one bedroom apartment in Hollywood on Franklin Street just off Highland. Our plan was for Kate to move in with me after the wedding and she had already started to move some of her things into my apartment. sucking horse penis

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Now when I say we didn't live together I don't me that we didn't spend a lot of nights together. I often stayed over at her apartment but more often Kate spent nights at mine. My apartment was just more convenient for us and gave us more privacy.

It was Tuesday dog women sex evening and like I said earlier it was less than three weeks before our wedding and I had just arrived at Kate's apartment to pick her up and take her out to her parent's house for another meeting about the wedding. Actually, I wasn't a participating member of these meetings I was just told what to do and when to do it by Kate and her mother. Kate's father and I usually ended up watching whatever sporting event was on ESPN while the two women plotted against me and spent his money

When I arrived at Kate's apartment Tracy let me in and I headed back to Kate's room. As I approached her door I heard her on the phone with Sherry, a friend of Kate's and one of her bridesmaids for our wedding. Sherry is one of those individuals that talks loud enough that you can hear them on the phone from quite a distance so I was able to hear both sides of their conversation from outside Kate's door.

"I don't free animal sex pics know, Las Vegas?" Kate said. "I'm not sure John would approve.

"Hey, it's your bachelorette party not his and we're paying for the rooms so what's your problem?" Sherry said. free animal sex pics

"It does sound like fun and don't they say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" Kate said.

"That's right girl. So are we girl having sex with dogs on then?" Sherry said

"I think yes, let's do it. What's the plan?" Kate asked.

"We'll leave here at one o'clock on Friday. animalsex picture I'll pick you up at work and then we'll pick up Brenda and Pam and hit the road. I reserved two adjoining rooms for us at the Monte Carlo.

"I can't believe you guys are doing this for me. This is great. We'll have a blast. I'm already excited," Kate said. "I have to go now; I think John is here to pick me up. We're going out to my parents for dinner and to talk about the wedding." animalsex picture

"Okay, see ya Friday. Bye."

dog sex stories "Bye.

As soon as Kate put the phone down I walked into her room.

"Was that Sherry?" I asked

"Yes and guess where the girls are talking me for my bachelorette party?"

"No, I don't mind. It sounds like fun. Just remember that I'll be back here waiting for you so don't go falling in love with someone else," I said.

"That could never happen. No one could ever replace you dogs fucking women in my heart," Kate said and then kissed me


The next night I stopped for drinks with Ted Gibson, my best friend and my best man, and a petpound couple of friends from work. After a couple of drinks I mentioned that Kate was going to Vegas Friday night for her bachelorette party

"How do you feel about that?" Ted asked. petpound

"I don't mind."

"Bull shit. I bet it's dog fuck driving you crazy," he said

"Well, I guess it bothers me a little. Maybe I'm just jealous that she gets to go there for her party," I said.

"Hey, we can go there for yours if you want. We can free beastility go next weekend so we won't run into Kate while we are out partying.

"I like that idea. We can head over Friday after work. Can I leave it up to you to find out who wants to go and reserve rooms somewhere?" I said. free beastility